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Editorial: lessons from eZINE Volume 6 Number 1

Paul Coyle offers a commentary and analysis of the articles in this edition of the eZINE, in which he identifies key lessons that can inspire readers to reflect and take action.

The entrepreneurial university: processes & principles

Robert Crammond explores the importance of organisational culture and stakeholder partnerships in the process of universities becoming more entrepreneurial.


Intrapreneurship MOOC

Christian Friedl is Senior Lecturer at the Institute of International Management at FH Joanneum - University of Applied Sciences in Graz. His research focus is on corporate entrepreneurship, open innovation and edupreneurship. He explains the the development of a new MOOC on intrapreneurship.

How can we learn not to fear failure?

Stefan Gueorguiev reflects on a discussion at the MERIT Summit  in Seville, Spain, in early 2020.  In summary, by proactively exploring risk-taking scenarios we can learn from, and not be afraid of, failure.

Cultural intelligence in the workplace

Simon Büschges is a Yenching Scholar at Peking University, China.  His research field encompasses innovation in educational technology and workforce training. In this interview he explains the importance of cultural intelligence in the workplace.

Are intrapreneurs born or made?

This question was discussed in 2019 during a panel debate at the Merit Summit in Manchester, England. The panel members represented Brown Bag Films, the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, and the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship in Madrid.

Europe needs more intrapreneurship

Mart Kikas is a Senior Innovation Coach at the Academy of Innovation Coaching. In this article he argues that European companies depends for their competitiveness on innovation and the intrapreneurial behaviours of their employees. 

Entrepreneurial role models

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, and although we might often first think of people that we see in the media, entrepreneurial role models can also be found much closer to home and in our everyday lives. Who inspires you to want to think and act like an entrepreneur?

How can you thrive with ongoing change?

How well do you cope with change in your organisation? Things change and often in ways we could not have anticipated. Are you able to let go or do you need to hold on? Here are 5 suggestions for coping with change.

The power of an entrepreneurial mindset

Roberto Brambilla is Director of Postgraduate Education & Research Partnership at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. In this article he offers his thoughts on the recently published book Entrepreneurial Mindset

Flexing between leadership and management

Paul Coyle argues that to raise the performance of the people in your team, you need to be able to flex between leadership and management. He presents a model for driving high performance and examples of the feedback leaders can offer to team members.

Are you ready for your new future?

There are many challenges facing individuals and organisations at the moment. The mindset mnemonic, which underpins the work of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, can help to guide you through a reflection on the challenges and your options.

10 actions to sustain and scale organisational capacity   

In 2020/21 the OECD and the European Commission conducted a review which led to the Report ‘Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Higher Education in Lithuania’.  Paul Coyle shares 10 lessons.

Hackathon: interdisciplinary ideas

A hackathon, a primary tool for better ideas and solutions, was organised in January  2019, with a team of students from different disciplines (IT, sociology, industrial design & food scientists) working with the BetterIdeas team.  Jan Winjen shares his reflections.

How should we deal with the causes of work-related stress?

Pauline Miller Judd is an Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier Univesity in Scotland. She is an accredited coach, helping teams and individuals. In this article she explores an entrepreneurial approach to dealing with the causes of work-related stress.

The journey of the entrepreneurial university

Eleanor Shaw is Associate Principal at Strathclyde University in Scotland.  In this video interview she discusses the journey of a university towards becoming an entrepreneurial university.

Is it time for an HR strategy reset?

Sherisa Rajah is an employment lawyer and Partner at international law firm, Fasken. She is actively engaged in legal incubation & acceleration of entrepreneurs. In this article she discusses how businesses will need to reset their HR strategy in response to COVID19.

Higher education leadership

The Association of Swedish Higher Education is a voluntary membership organisation consisting of 37 universities and colleges. One of its most prestigious activities is the organisation of the Higher Education Leadership Program (HeLP). Peter Dobers explains.