the power of an entrepreneurial mindset

Roberto Brambilla, Director of Postgraduate Education & Research Partnerships,  Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy. 

This article was first published in 2020 in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network eZINE Volume 3 no 1

Roberto Brambilla is Director of Postgraduate Education & Research Partnership at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy.  In this article he offers his thoughts on the recently published book Entrepreneurial Mindset.

I work as a manager for an important European university, particularly devoted to executive education and business partnerships development. In my everyday activities, I constantly experience the power of an entrepreneurial mindset while facing new situations and problems.

What is increasingly relevant in our job lies not only in our performance (how much we are able to produce) or in the quality of our results (how good we perform). Rather, it consists more in what we do (contents) and in the reasons why we act and operate (sense). 

We live in a time of rapid, often unpredictable transformations. As a matter of fact, globalisation has brought – and is currently bringing – a new world order and new challenges in society, politics, and economy. As Pope Francis said: “we are not living an epoch of change so much as an epochal change”. 

In this fluid context, I often ask myself about the efficacy of education and research as a contribution to human and social development.

Nowadays, most of the executive education programs sold on the market focus mainly on tools and skills. Are they still sufficient to a public of new professionals? Or do people need first to understand where they are going, what is happening in the world and who is leading such transformations? 

Skills and tools still remain important. But is it even worth performing at the highest level, if we do not know the reason why? Why do we have to change, if we do not know the directions of these transformations? If we want to lead the change, we first need to understand it. An overall comprehension of reality is thus required.

In this perspective, I find the book Entrepreneurial Mindset very helpful. It inspires the reader in his reflection, stimulates his thought, and excites his curiosity. 

Entrepreneurship is essential even in the field of higher education. In a global environment like that in which we live, Universities have to explore new and different paradigms in order to maintain their leadership and develop their positioning as a crossroad of ideas and meeting point among people and cultures. The challenge for us is to dust off our minds and start thinking again. ◼️