are you ready for your new future?

Paul Coyle, Director, Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, France.

This article was first published in 2020 in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network eZINE Volume 3 no 2

There are many challenges facing individuals and organisations at the moment.  For many people, working from home is a new experience. The benefits include not having to do the daily commute but there are many downsides.  Our home environments are just that - our homes, not work.  And as we try to make these adjustments, there are constant worries in the background to contend with - keeping our friends and family safe and maintaining the income we need both now and in the future.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset you won’t be totally discouraged by all the challenges we face at the moment.  You will be saying to yourself - what am I going to do to deal with all these challenges? What am I going to do today?

We don’t have to wait for people in formal leadership positions to do things.  Each and every one of us can play our part and contribute to finding solutions. We can use our personal drive and the collective resources of our networks for the common good.

Image credit: Entrepreneurial Mindset Network

The mindset mnemonic, which underpins the work of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, can help to guide you through a reflection on the challenges and your options.

M : Meet real needs - whose needs are most acute? Who is vulnerable?

I : Innovate - can you think of innovative solutions to those needs?

N : Never act unethically - can you find ethical solutions and call out any unethical behaviours by others?


D : Dare to take risks - should you  speak up;  say what you really think?

S : Sell - how can you convince people to stay positive as they work together to find solutions?

E: Exercise for productivity - can you role model how to do even more with even less?

T : Take the initiative - how can you take matters into your hands today?◼️