Showcasing the use of the entrepreneurial mindset in Higher Education

as a catalyst for high qualityin student education, transfer of knowledge to business, academic innovation & regional impact

The new international E-STAR accreditation recognises Higher Education Institutions for their commitment to the application of the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Higher Education.  The Accreditation is offered by the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network.

Higher Education providers that attain an E-STAR Award will be inducted into the exclusive, international E-STAR Academy, which is a forum for continuous organisational improvement.

Picture Credit: Pixabay and the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network

What is the Timeline from application to accreditation?

An innovative process ensures a reduction in the time from application to accreditation, a robust evaluation, value for money and high quality.

What are the evaluation criteria?

There are 12 criteria in the four STARactivities: Student education and career planning, Transfer of knowledge to business, Academic innovation and development and Regional impact.

How do I register? What are the fees payable?

To acheive the E-STAR Award requires payment of a one-time registration fee and a peer review fee. The Award is valid for 5 years with an annual membership fee to the E-STAR Academy.