E-STAR Fees and Registration

The 2022 E-STAR fees are shown below. An overview is given of the services included in each fee.

The E-STAR Award is valid for 5 years. Two tables show the total cost of the initial accreditation and subsequent re-accreditations.

First Registration Fee

There is a one-time Registration Fee of 600€, which includes support for you to prepare and make an application, including:

  • a 30 minute online Briefing, which includes an introduction to E-STAR, an explanation of how to make an application and the opportunity to ask any questions
  • a 60 minute online, guided Self-Assessment, with examples of the strengths of your current website, helping you to prepare and submit your Application
  • a short, online Verification Meeting to confirm that all sections of the Application Form have been completed

Peer Review Fee

There is a Peer Review Fee of 1800€ which includes:

  • selecting and contracting independent HE experts capable of judging your application in a Peer Review
  • conducting the Peer Review
  • a 60 minute online Feedback Meeting, which will provide an explanation of the outcome of your application and discuss any recommendations for improvement

E-STAR Academy Membership Fee

There is an annual membership fee of 600€ for the E-STAR Academy which includes:

  • a printed certificate
  • digital badge
  • announcements of the successful accreditation onthe Entrepreneurial Mindset Network website, LinkedIn, Twitter and in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network'sonline eZINE
  • features about your organisation's achievements on the E-STAR Academy website
  • opportunities for networking, collaboration and development through meetings, training events, presentations and webinars

E-STAR Registration

To Register for E-STAR Accrediation please click on the [Register E-STAR] button opposite. A new web page will open which will allow you to complete your registration.

If you have opted to pay the Registration Fee with via credit card or PayPal then please select the black [Debit or Credit Card] button or the blue [PayPal] button below:

Once we have received confirmation of the payment of the Registration Fee, your Contact Person will be sent an email inviting them to book a date and time for an Online Briefing which will introduce the E-STAR Award, give advice about making an Application and include a Q&A session.

If you have opted to pay by invoice, the invitation to the Online Briefing will be issued on receipt of payment and, therefore, following the time required for the completion of your organisations's administrative procedures such as supplier registration, raising of purchase orders and processing of invoices.