Introduction to the E-STAR Accreditation Timeline

E-STAR is an international accreditation that rewards Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for their commitment to using the Entrepreneurial mindset as the catalyst for higher quality in Student education and career planning, Transfer of knowledge to business, Academic innovation and development, and Regional impact (economic, social & cultural).

E-STAR is distinctive and entrepreneurial. It meets a real need for greater recognition of entrepreneurial HEIs, it brings innovation to the process of accreditation, reduces bureaucracy, provides better value for money and reduces the time from application to award whilst maintaining high standards. It provides an opportunity to celebrate and promote entrepreneurial achievements in Higher Education and a robust platform for continuous improvement.


Registration is available to all HEIs. It is also possible to register as an academic unit such as a faculty, department or school. There is a one-time Registration Fee of 600€, which includes support for you to prepare and make an application.

Once you register, you can book a 30 minute online Briefing, which includes an introduction to E-STAR, an explanation of how to make an application and the opportunity to ask any questions.


To help you prepare your application, we facilitate a 60 minute online, guided Self-Assessment. This is an opportunity to ensure you are providing the highest quality information to students, your employees, and stakeholders in business and society. You will then complete an online Application Form, citing information from your website as evidence.

Prior to submitting your application, you can book a short, online Verification Meeting to confirm that all sections of the Application Form have been completed. There is an Peer Review Fee of 1800€, which covers the costs of selecting and contracting independent HE experts capable of judging your application in a Peer Review.

Get Feedback

Our expert reviewers are obliged to undertake a rigorous evaluation of applications using only the published E-STAR Evaluation Criteria. They will meet online, with the Director of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network, to discuss, finalise and agree their evaluations and recommendations.

Once the Peer Review has been completed, you will be invited to a 60 minute online Feedback Meeting, which will provide an explanation of the outcome of your application and discuss any recommendations for improvement.

Celebrate and Promote Your Success

Gaining E-STAR accreditation is a significant achievement. It is an accomplishment which can be celebrated by staff and students and promoted to a wide range of stakeholders and supporters.

To support your celebration and promotion of the E-STAR, you will receive a printed certificate and digital badge, and we will make announcements onthe Entrepreneurial Mindset Network website, LinkedIn, Twitter, in the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network's online eZINE and on the E-STAR Academy website.

Join the E-STAR Academy

HEIs that have gained E-STAR accreditation will be inducted into the exclusive, international E-STAR Academy, which is a forum for continuous organisational improvement, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration and development through meetings, training events, presentations and webinars.

E-STAR accreditation is valid for a period of 5 years, provided that you maintain your membership of the E-STAR Academy. There is an annual Membership Fee of 600€ which covers activities that promote your achievements on the international stage, and the services which support networking and ongoing organisational development.