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Role of universities in emerging entrepreneurial ecosystems

Admir Salihagić explains how his university is raising awareness amongst students about career paths in entrepreneurship and nurturing their entrepreneurial mindsets

Entrepreneurship: a life-long journey of learning, action and value creation.

Paulo Camargoexplores the skills needed to become an entrepreneur and shares the most important lessons he has learned about launching and running a business.

How entrepreneurial education & networking help student entrepreneurs.

Veronica Maier describes how she helpsstudents, especially those from technical subjects, to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to see entrepreneurship as a career path.


Empowering young people to be leaders of social change

Nicole Amey explains how her school helps students to build their ambitions to be future social entrepreneurs and community leaders.

Entrepreneurship in the business curriculum

In February 2018, the members of the Australian Business Deans Council's Learning and Teaching Network gathered in Canberra.  Their meeting included a workshop on the theme "entrepreneurship in the business curriculum."

Imagining the future of executive education

Business and education leaders from over 138 international companies and business schools, convened for the third annual MERIT Summit “Co-creating Learning Organisations” held 15-17 January, 2019. Paul Coyle shares his reflections as a panel speaker.

What makes a webinar successful?

In March 2020, a CREATIVE SKILLS conference was scheduled to be held in Brussels but due to the Coronavirus crisis, the planned event was unable to go ahead. Instead of cancelling, the organisers of the event, the British Council, worked with the speakers and the moderator to devise a replacement webinar.

A champion for entrepreneurship education

Alison Price, Head of Policy, gives the background to the Enterprise Educators UK Fellowship award and introduces one of the first recipients Jing Zhang, the General Manager of Beijing Weishengchang International Education, based in Beijing, China.

Entrepreneurship for the creative industries

Dr Michelle Phillips, Senior Lecturer and Deputy Head of Undergraduate Programmes, offers an introduction to the StART Entrepreneurship Project, for which she is the Principal Investigator, at the Royal Northern College of Music in England.

Helping students to develop the entrepreneurial mindset

Georgina Smith, is Enterprise Officer at the University of Sussex, England. In this interview Georgina explains the work she does to help students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Fostering an entrepreneurial mindset

in children

Trudie Murray is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Economics at the Cork Institute of Technology in the Republic of Ireland. In this article she explores how children as young as 2 years old can develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 

The global mindset

Entrepreneurs with a global mindset are curious and open to the world(s) around them. They recognize the importance of cultural differences and they work to transform them into a real competitive advantage. Viviana Premazzi explains the work of Global Mindset Development.

Entrepreneurship education

In January 2019, at an Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education event in Johannesburg, participants from 29 HEIs in South Africa, mapped out how each of them could make their own contribution to developing entrepreneurial mindsets.

How do we teach entrepreneurship?

Dr Marlin Hoffman is a lecturer at the the University of the Western Cape’s School of Business and Finance. In this article he reflects on the issues surrounding how best to teach young people entrepreneurship.

Instilling a winning mindset in the young

Danie Jacobs is the Founder & CEO of the Young Entrepreneurs Virtual Academy and the founding Trustee of the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation in South Africa. He is also the Founder and CEO of the Gigxup Mastermind Academy. In this article, Danie explains these organisations in more detail.

Sparking creativity in young entrepreneurs

Hande Diker is based in Turkey and is the Creative Spark Programme Manager at the British Council. In this article, she explains how the Creative Spark: Higher Education Enterprise Programme aims to help young entrepreneurs.

Learn to be an entrepreneur

Max Mirho is an entrepreneurship educator who is bringing a fresh, innovative and entrepreneurial approach to learning.  His focus is on action and learning by doing. Get to know more about Max in this short interview, get inspired by his enthusiasm & find out how his expertise supports personal change.

An unconventional guide to personal finance

Jay Fulgencio shares his experience of devising a personal finance curriculum for students and considers which is best: classroom training or e-learning.