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Supporting entrepreneurial journeys in Casablanca, Morocco.

Rabii Outamha explains how he helps young entrepreneurs to stay motivated and to have a realistic understanding of the challenges they will face during their entrepreneurial journeys.

How startups find opportunities, people and resources.

Allan Villegas-Mateos describes the support needed by early stage startups and the plans for the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Qatar.


An entrepreneurial mindset is essential for every business

Marcela Fang explains how every business can benefit from using the entrepreneurial mindset, seeing opportunities even in periods of chaos and uncertainty.

entrepreneurship in the city of Ghent

Steve Stevens is the manager of the student-entrepreneurship centre DO!  at Ghent University in Belgium. He shares his long-term and passionate commitment to the Ghent entrepreneurship ecosystem, including Gentrepreneur, the organisation that supports enterprising young people.

meeting entrepreneurs where they are

Stacey J Young is a consultant working in Canada in the education and training space. In this article she examines where entrepreneurship programming and support is located, with a focus on the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

what now for employee engagement?

Martine Robins is the Director of the HR Dept, which offers a range of HR services to SMEs. In this article she reflects on the challenges that the global pandemic has created for engaging employees.

achieving work-life balance

Professor Abigail Gregory, MBE, is an HE Consultant, Executive Coach and Mentor, in England. She shares her research findings about the role of the state, employers and trades unions in impacting men’s and women’s choices to balance work and family.

how can companies develop their capability to innovate?

Mart Kikas from Estonia is a Senior Innovation Coach. In this article, Mart takes a focus on the second essential entrepreneurial behaviour from the MINDSET mnemonic, [I] Innovate, and considers the steps companies can take to generate more successful innovation.

the entrepreneurial mindset in R&D

Ellen Burgdorf-Schröder is a Research Funding Manager, working at the Application Lab (AppLab) at the Harz University of Applied Sciences in Germany. In this article she explains that an entrepreneurial mindset is crucial in order to consider future ways of R&D &d knowledge transfer and she offers 4 tips for successful University-Business Collaborations.

Entrepreneurship and family business in India

Nandini Varshney shares her personal experience of family business in India and describes how her research into this topic is creating new insights.

coping with uncertainty in entrepreneurship

An interview with Bob Bastian Postdoctoral Researcher, Entrepreneurial Judgment, Decision-Making & Uncertainty, University of Pavia, Italy

and Visiting Researcher, University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Bob reflects on teaching and researching entrepreneurship and his own entrepreneurial ambitions.

the essence of Acadustry® 

Ts. Dr. Nadiir Bheekhun is founder and Managing Director of the AeroNAD Group in Mauritius. In this article, he introduces Acadustry®, a deep partnership between academia and industry, which aims to enhance the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship through executive education.

scaling a business for success

Jan Frick is Professor in the Business School of the University of Stavanger, in Norway. Here he shares with us a story about the creation of a new business and how it was successfully scaled up over time.

how research supports business

Jan Frick, Professor in the Business School of the University of Stavanger in Norway, describes how his research has evolved over time, the key questions that interest him, how research influences his teaching and can help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

the best thing about being an entrepreneur

Zohra Omar is the Founder and Lead Facilitator of Mentoring Hub. She is based in Pakistan, was born in Kuwait, educated in the Middle East and the US. In this article she describes how her background shaped her personal values and her entrepreneurial journey.

celebrating women founders

Sharoon Shahid introduces Connected Women Pakistan and the Entrepreneurship Challenge that the group organised in summer 2020 with the aim of supporting women-owned businesses. The winner was announced during the Grand Finale.

an entrepreneurial journey

Toma Grozavescu is the Founder of SMARTERS, a growth hacking marketing agency. He explains the path from studying at university, to starting and running his own business, and overcoming the obstacles he faced on the way.

how can small business stay open?

Jahangir Wassim is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Robert Gordon University in Scotland. His book '10 steps to stay open' offers advice to micro, small and medium-sized business on how to keep a business going during the COVID19 pandemic.

Robots and jobs - how to be prepared for the future?

Jelena Lukić Nikolić discusses the future of work from a technological perspective and considers the advantages and disadvantages of robots in the work place.

entrepreneurship, the magic formula

Dr Marlin Hoffman is a lecturer at the the University of the Western Cape’s School of Business and Finance. Here he shares his thoughts on the search for the magic formula that underpins the success of entrepreneurs.

an innovation centre of excellence

Ivan Petrenko is the Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, based in the Lviv Business School. Ivan explains that the Business School aims to be an Innovation Centre of Excellence with a global presence and has a mission to put Ukraine on the world’s business map.